Worthy Women Series#4: Rahab

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Hello my dear sisters in Christ!

Today I am continuing my Worthy Women Series and I will share my thoughts about Rahab, this inhabitant of Jericho who helped two Israelite spies before the ultimate destruction of the city.

As you will see, her life is a great lesson of faith and courage!

Quick facts

Name: Rahab

Meaning: arrogance, storm, broad, spaciousness

Occupation: prostitute

Qualities: courageous, witty and faithful to God, despite being a Gentile

Her Story

After Moses died, Joshua and the Israelites prepared the conquest of the Promised Land and the city of Jericho was certainly a strategic place. Therefore, Joshua sent two men to spy around and make a report to him about the city’s situation. The two spies came to Rahab’s place and slept there.

The King of Jericho was told that two Israelite spies were staying in Rahab’s house and he ordered her (through his envoys) to let them come out. She hid them on her roof instead and gave false information to the King’s envoys about  them – she told them they were gone already.

When the King’s people left, she joined them on the roof and made them swear that they would save her and her household, because she heard about God’s wonders and miracles and feared him.

The spies swore that they would spare her life and her household as well. They gave her a sign of recognition: a scarlet wire that she had to put at her window. Then, they left her and came back to Joshua.


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After Joshua and the Israelites won the battle of Jericho, they destroyed everything, except Rahab’s household, as promised. She left her native city and lived with the people of Israel, who adopted her.


Interesting facts

  • Rahab is the archetype of the “hooker with a heart of gold”
  • Rahab is listed among Jesus’s ancestors in the genealogy listed by the Gospel of Matthew. She married Salmon and later became Booz’s mother (Ruth’s husband). I guess that she abandoned her life as a former prostitute to become a virtuous wife and mother. Well done!
  • Rahab’s story seems to have an analogy of what will happen in the endtimes: when Jesus returns, only people who believed in Him and obeyed His commandments will be saved; the others will be destroyed

What we can learn from Rahab

The main message that we can learn from Rahab’s life is that you don’t need to be perfect to start exercising your faith in God. Just come as you are and he will answer you beyond your expectations.

Rahab just wanted to have her life (and her family’s spared). However, because of her faith, she was not only spared, but she also married, had issue and her name will stay forever because she is an ancestor of Jesus!

Moreover, Rahab’s story reveals that God’s salvation has no borders. He took care of Rahab because she had faith in Him and His power to save her, even if she was a heathen woman and despite her scandalous past.

God doesn’t care about your nationality, your skin color, your degrees, your tremendous talents or how sexy you are. The first things He looks are the ways of your heart and if you are willing to worship Him and follow Him. He’ll take care of everything else.

Do you agree on Rahab’s life lessons? Please share your point of view!

Stay blessed!



  1. Edward says:

    Great post! indeed, God’s salvation has no borders. The most important quality of a person lies in his/her pure and golden heart, and the willingness to help others. Rahab wasn’t perfect, but she had a good and pure heart, and more importantly, she had faith.
    Continue the good work and bless you!

    • angelce says:

      Thank you for your support and God bless you too!

    • dannyboy says:

      Hi, I was checking out your site and I have to say those stories are pretty good, still reading though, i will come back to see your next posts, your site also looks pretty good so keep up the good work and keep wriing, my wife is going to like your site, I will make sure to tell her about it

      • angelce says:

        Thank you for your support and you can tell your wife that I would be very happy to welcome her on my website!

      • Gary says:

        I really appreciate your worthy women series. The women in the bible are some of my favorite stories. Some see them as conniving and manipulative, but I see them as strong women who are ready to do whatever is necessary to survive in a treacherous world.

        My favorites are Rachel and Tamar. Rachel’s dealings with her father Laban was both smart and wise, even if it was a lie. Tamar in her dealings with Judah, and his staff, showed her to be a smart and powerful woman, saving not only her own life in a highly patriarchal world, but also giving birth to an entire race of people.

        I look forward to your next installment.

        share-a-like dot com

        • angelce says:

          Dear Gary,

          I agree with you that all these women are strong women who tried to live in a world where the rules were not in their favor. I also take note of your preferences for my next Worthy Women posts!

        • Douglas Budge says:

          Very nice looking page. So well organized. I love to read the scriptures. This is such a great example of women making this world a better place.
          Thanks for sharing this. Very uplifting.

          • angelce says:

            Thanks for your support!

          • Demi says:

            Such a great post. The story held me till the end. I’m must say you have a beautiful site and great content. I will surely come back for more!

            • angelce says:

              Thank you Demi! Don’t hesitate to come back!

            • Emunot says:

              This is a great message, it’s touched me deep into my heart. Rahab a prostitute becomes a descendant of a righteous man Jesus Christ amazing!
              This is an eye opener, God doesn’t look at our perfection, rather our faith in HIM.
              Thanks Angelce for relating Rehab’s background with Jesus, and may God bless you for great work you are doing. I’ve been blessed with this post.

              • angelce says:

                Hello Emunot,

                I am happy that this message of faith and courage touched your heart. Stay blessed!

              • Sean says:

                Hi Elodie,

                Good series you’ve got going here. Some of the women throughout biblical history are certainly heroes.

                I agree, Rahab is a beautiful illustration of the fact that God looks at the heart, and it reminds me of how Jesus always mixed with those that society frowned upon.

                This story is a great example of what God can do in a person – make them brand new, no matter what their past looks like.

                Take care,