Why Does God Allow Failures?

My dear fellow Proverbs 31 women in progress,

I hope you had a good week. Today I’ll talk about the reasons why failures happen in our lives.

Do you have a professional setback? Believe me, it happened to me, even today – I had a bad notation from my manager.

Do you have a painful love story which ended in bitterness on your side? It happened to me – more than once. But I have learnt my lesson ever since.

Did you have a project you were excited about which fell down? It also happened to me.

Even if they are painful, failures do happen for a purpose. Being a Christian woman will not prevent us from suffering. On the contrary, suffering and failures will be our lot in life.

However, by God’s grace, we’ll always be victorious!

I hope that this post will be encouraging for all of us, especially if you’re going through difficult times or if you are discouraged by your current failures.

Case study: Job

If you want to look at someone who had huge successes and huge setbacks, Job’s story is perfect. Here is a righteous man who was tremendously blessed by God.

He had a beautiful wife, 10 beautiful children, lots and lots of cattle and properties. However, following a challenge given to God by the devil – the devil always wants to accuse before God – he was stripped from every material blessing he had overnight.

His children were dead. All his property was gone. He even had a skin condition that was so bad that he has to scratch himself everytime.

His wife told him to curse God and to die. His friends came to visit and mocked him, saying that all of this happended to him because he wasn’t righteous and because he was mean.

But what did Job do? He remained faithful to God and did not curse Him and talk badly about Him. He successfully passed the test. And God restored Job in everything.

Failures allow God to mold your character

My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.

James 1:2-4

I must admit that this verse is very painful to read and meditate, especially when you had a huge setback. How can you have joy amidst trials? How can you endure them, especially when you see that people around you succeed and that you stay behind.

However, God wants to mold your character. He wants you to produce the fruit of the Spirit. And patience is a fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23).

He wants you to acquire a specific tool or to gain a lesson that will be useful in the future; even if you don’t realize it at the moment.

In my case, I had a bad notation from my management this morning. They said a lot of things which were justified for some, and which were not entirely fair for others. But I didn’t bother.

Why? Because I know that this is a temporary setback and that God allowed me to fail for a reason. Maybe that I will shine on other assignments. And as I always say, I’d rather fail my first assignment and be better afterwards than the other way around.

I was patient and gracious at all times, even when they accused me of things that were completely false. God will vindicate me and allow me to shine.

And believe me, being patient and gracious in front of bad criticisms which are not entirely fair is something that I had to work on. I was much more fiery when I was younger.

I guess that’s the way God worked on me that allowed me to remain calm and composed.

Failures allow God to open new paths in your life

The preparations of the heart belong to man, but the answer of the tongue is from the Lord.

Proverbs 16:1

God also allows failure to happen in your life so that you might consider His purpose for your life. Sometimes, we want to do things our way whereas it is contrary to what God hs provided for us.

I remember that my first serious relationship with a man suddenly fell apart, without any explanation. We were very much in love and we got along very well.

I suffered a lot when he announced me that he wanted to end the relationship. I was devastated and disgusted by men.

But as time went by and that I grew older, I knew that God allowed this failure because he wanted me to evolve in my studies and my career. If I had stayed with that guy, I wouldn’t have done a degree in a renowned French university and have the career I have now.

So now, I look at my past failure as something that was necessary for me to grow. I hope you’ll do the same.

In a sense, failure allows Gos to correct and reprove us for the better, knowing that God has good plans for your future, plans for peace and prosperity and not plans of evil.

That’s all for today! How do you perceive failure in your life? Please don’t hesitate to share in your comments!

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Stay blessed!

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    The post is very inspiring and encouraging. Thank you

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      Waiting to hear more. God bless u.

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