Test Yourself: Are You Wife Material?

My dear fellow Progress 31 women in Progress!

If you are single or if you are to be married, you might consider several elements to start building your house. As the wise women that you are, you wish to build your marriage and your family life on godly standards (at least, that’s my wish).

I do believe that we all want to be women who deserve to be praised, like our Proverbs 31 woman!

That’s why I was very happy to find, in a book called Beautiful in God’s Eyes, a “faithfulness test” that I am going to share with you to check if you are “wife material”.

It includes 10 areas of your life that you have to take into account if you want to get married or if you want to build your marriage on solid foundations.



loving woman


Do you love the Lord, your husband, your family?

Do your actions reflect that love?



money woman


Can your husband trust you to manage the money he gives you for your home?

Are you satisfied with what your husband does for you financially?

Do you care about expanding your capital for your family?

What are your financial priorities?

Do you have debts? Do you have demands which can push your husband to sink into debts?




woman and children

Are you determined to raise godly children, who love the Lord, honor their father and the reputation of their family?

What are your principles about children’s upbringing?



beautiful home

Do you put all your efforts to manage your home well and to keep your home in order?

Do you go the extra mile to have a pleasant and agreeable house where your husband can have rest and be inspired?



faithful woman

Can your husband trust you to honor your vows?

What is your opinion about having a sole partner until your death?



woman of good reputation

Can your husband know that you will do him good and not evil all the days of his life?

Can you keep all his secrets and not humiliate him publicly?



quiet woman

Are you emotionally stable?

Do you often offer memorable arguments to your husband, with shoutings and explosions?



happy woman

Are you a smiling and optimistic woman?

Do you cheer your husband up when he is sad and discouraged?



wise woman

Do you support your husband with your wise advice when he has to cope with trials and difficulties?



gracious woman

Are you a graceful, dignified, tasteful and modest woman in your behavior and your speech?

Are you an elegant woman?

I invite you to take this test often to assess where you stand. My humble advice is to develop the areas where you are already strong and to start growing in the areas where you feel you have weaknesses.

And remember that nothing is impossible to God!

What do you think of this faithfulness test?

Stay blessed!




  1. Barry says:


    Sorry but I am a man and read it anyway. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks

  2. Tommy says:

    What inspiring words! I am a man but I can understand how a faithful and steadfast love of the Lord can lay a solid foundation for the relationships we build with each other in this life. Proverbs is one of my favorite books, it contains the richest advice and is given eloquently to the reader in digestible snippets. God Bless and good luck with everything!

    • angelce says:

      Thank you and God bless you too

    • DAN says:

      Proverbs 31 Woman: I love your website. I am not a real religious kind of guy but your message is good and full of hope. As I was reading your “test yourself…are you wife material” I could not help but think that my wife of 38 years, Ruth, IS GOOD wife material. I took the test for her and I am convinced that I got a good one.

      I am sure that you are on to something. From a WA point of view, you should be able to find numerous Affiliate Partners to participate in your site for the betterment of them and you.

      I also took a peek at your PAGE entitled Faith. It screamed to me that you have a story to tell. Tell your story (if you can) and let those women that real your website share their stories with you. With that alone you will have content (almost accidentally) that will take your site to the top. DAN

      • angelce says:

        Ok noted thanks

      • Leslie says:

        I enjoyed the piece about am I marriage material. I feel like I stared young and at 19 I was not prepared for all of the things that marriage required. I feel like working on myself has me believing I’m on the right path. Do you have ideas or places to get help in the areas you mentioned?

        • angelce says:

          Come back to my website as I’ll give the tools you need and stay tuned ! Don’t hesitate to suscribe to receive my new content. Be blessés

        • shelby says:

          I read your test with great interest, and I was really pleased to notice that although I wouldn’t give myself a perfect score, I can see improvement in myself over the course of my 2 year old marriage. My husband continually pursues me and leads me closer to Christ. And I am more thankful now than ever for our friendship and marriage.