Self-Discipline Is The Key

sportswoman self discipline

Self-discipline: training and control of oneself and one’s conduct,usually for personal improvement.

Hello dears!

As I stumbled across our favorite role model’s portrait, I suddenly realized that she couldn’t have this balanced life without self-discipline. To me, she is very similar to a professional athlete or even a very busy high-level politician, as far as her schedule is concerned!

How does she manage to fulfill all the roles she has? By a careful and disciplined time management.

I do believe that success we will have in any aspect of our lives stems from self-discipline and proper time management. Without these elements, we cannot properly fulfill our missions as Proverbs 31 women.

Why are we failing often to manage our time? I have identified some factors in my personal case:

  • improper time management: you decide to do things on a day, but because you have overloaded your day, you are exhausted and you don’t finih what you planned to do in the first place
  • procrastination/laziness: you think that tomorrow will take care of itself and you always postpone doing things until you aren’t saved by the bell anymore
  • lack of planning: you spend your days as if you were the Spectator and not the main Actor of your life

How can we acquire self-discipline and what are the rewards?

Personally speaking, I have decided (and will start tomorrow, July 1st) to set up the following:

  • establish a daily, weekly, and annual schedule and goals for every area of my life
  • stick to my schedule (it will be difficult, but by God’s grace, I will succeed!)
  • write a journal to review my growth in self-discipline
  • review my goals in self-discipline in three months to see how I have Evolved

My areas of self-discipline and planning will involve:

  • faith/spirituality (e.g. read my Bible, prayer Schedule, going to church…)
  • relationship with family/friends (calling friends to keep in touch, my mother, my brethren…)
  • my career goals (starting/developing a part-time business, my main job…)
  • health goals (diet, sports…)
  • homemaking schedule
  • personal interest (personally, I wouldn’t recommend to pursue more than three personal interests, unless you want to be overloaded)

You can add any other area of your life if you wish.

The ultimate reward is to gain inner happiness in your life.

I will review my personal evolution and growth in three months and will tell how I feel at October 1st, by God’s grace!

What about you? Do you have areas of your lives where you think you can improve your self-discipline?

Use self-discipline to be the master of your fate and the captain of your soul, like our Proverbs 31 woman!

Stay blessed!


  1. Sheena Stafford says:

    This Is a beautiful site you have been working on! The role model looks focused and determined and you incorporated that into the context of your post, and led a convincing argument to center one’s life and set goals for yourself in both personal accomplishment and time management. Sounds like a great thing for me to incorporate in my own life with three kids a husband and keeping everything together!

    • Sky says:

      Oh, Richella, I know how you feel, but please reebemmr how much you bless others – your listening ear, your kind words, your sweet smile. Your body and, perhaps, spirit may be weary, but there are many who support you, just as our Lord does for us. As the twins sang in the car on the way to preschool this morning, “It’s a great day, Praise the Lord!” Listening to their joyous voices raised in song, I had to smile; I hope it brings one to your face. Be well, dear friend.

    • Michelle Medeiros says:

      Great article! The subject of self-discipline gets into the niche of my website as well… I love the tips you give here and agree with the rewards of self-discipline. When you manage to develop it, you feel much better with yourself.
      You’re doing a great job here!


      • angelce says:

        Thanks !

      • Gloriane says:

        Just cause it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s not super helpufl.

      • Jess says:

        Thanks for sharing your goals and wishing you much success! I agree, self discipline is important to reaching any goal in life. Among other things, my health is very important to me and takes a great deal of accountability on a daily basis 🙂

      • Kady says:

        Hi !
        I agree with your comments on self-discipline.
        I believe that it is the foundation of any success in life.
        I have been struggling for a while to implement it in some areas of my life but I have achieved some of my goals in the past through self-discipline.
        It has to be cultivated on a daily basis though which is not always easy but the idea is to never give up!

        All the best!


        • angelce says:

          Amen to that!

        • Adxrenovation says:

          Good thoughts Becca and very well prsneeted. Someone’s writing I respect a great deal has written:The answer to ALL of life’s questions are in the Bible. Not only the eternal questions but the everday questions we face. His name is Francis Schaefer. So you are going to the correct place to search for answers.You know one of the benefits I have found in my seeking the Bible for answers to everyday questions that is I learn many other things on my quest for a specific answer. Keep it up and keep writing your thoughts it helps you to think deeper.Love you

          • Linda takyi says:

            Thanks a lot.God bless u

            • angelce says:

              You’re welcome

            • visit now says:

              Wow, it’s no wonder why you have so many individuals following you online.