Proverbs 31 Entrepreneur Series #1: Freedom or Security?

When you are enslaved…

My dear fellow Proverbs 31 women in Progress,

Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Then congratulations! You’ve made the good choice for your life and for your purpose.

However, before you commit to following this path, you need to ask yourself this question: do you need freedom or security in your life?

To review this question, let’s analyze the case of the Israelites when they went out of Egypt.

When the Israelites came out of Egypt…

The Israelites were slaves in Egypt

If you remember very well, the Israelites were freed from slavery after God sent the 10 plagues to Egypt and made wonderful miracles to show them His power and His might.

However, when they were freed, they were complaining all day. They complained that Moses wanted them to die. But the Lord sent them manna everyday. He took care of them. But they were not pleased with their newfound freedom.

They remembered their life in Egypt because they didn’t know anything else. Even if they were slaves and mistreated by their Egyptian masters, they knew what they would do during the day. They knew what they would eat and drink. They knew their timetable.

God wasn’t pleased with them because He freed them and took care of them on a daily basis. But they were never satisfied. So how did God answer? He deeply regretted His actions in favor of this people. He promised Moses to make him a powerful nation. Later, He even condemned them to err in the wilderness during 40 days!

Fortunately, Moses interceded for the people of Israel and they managed to reach the Promised Land under the commandment of Joshua.

What we should learn from the Israelites

Choose the freedom in God today!

The Lord calls us to freedom. This freedom can be spiritual, but it can also be a financial freedom. If you want to be an entrepreneur like the Proverbs 31 woman, you’ll need to let the Lord work in you.

You need to learn to rely on nobody else than Him. Indeed, it can be difficult because when you have a steady income as an employee, you’ll be uncomfortable to see little to no money enter your bank account in the beginning.

However, you need to trust the Lord and your abilities. And the Lord will bless you beyond your imagination.

Today, the Lord calls you out of Egypt and to be free. He calls you to rely on Him and to claim your spiritual, moral, physical and financial freedom. But the ultimate decision belongs to you. You need to determine what you want.

Do you want freedom? Then, entrepreneuriat is for you. Do you want security? Well, stay an employee. It doesn’t mean that it’s bad. But sometimes we need to get out of our comfort zone to please the Lord. I do really think that the Lord calls us to be free at every level, including the financial one.

I let you with this Bible verse to meditate:

Stay calm, mind your own business, do your own job. You’ve heard all this from us before, but a reminder never hurts.

1 Thessalonians 4:11

Stay blessed!

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  1. Henderson says:

    Good to see that you could use the story of the Bible to up your point here. Being an entrepreneur is a really big deal because it means that one has reached financial freedom and there is no cause to be stressed anymore. No bosses. I pray that like the Israelites, we do not complain of this freedom that God has shown us and we can use it to become better people. Thanks!

    • angelce says:

      Thank you!

    • mattias says:

      Wow! For what is worth, I really like tour analogy a lot and how you link it with becoming an entrepreneur and becoming free. Getting yo the promise land is a promise made by God but requires taking series of actions before the children of is real could reach the place. This is the same thing with our life, even though God has told us that we will have financial freedom, we must take up the wcrionw too in order to reach the goal of making excess money that can reach God promises to us. We must take actions.

      • angelce says:

        I agree!

      • Chloe says:

        Wow, this is really nice. There are some people who are lost between choosing freedom or security and that’s one situation they’ll need to settle down and make a decision. For me I have always wanted freedom since I was a girl, lol and getting to know about freedom coming from being an entrepreneurs, its just what I’ll do . I’ll inform others about this wonderful post, thanks for sharing.

        • angelce says:

          Thank you Chloe!

        • John says:

          Well, it’s the first time that I’m seeing your post on this website and I am happy that j could it. I am not a lady of the woman in progress but I feel touched by this list you have written. I hope that in the future, you can come up with entrepreral opportunities that one can make use of. Thank you for reminding me again about the people of Israel and how ungrateful they were about what God did for them. I pray we will not be ungrateful like that.

          • angelce says:

            I also pray for that too!

          • Rodarrick says:

            Thanks so much for sharing this article with us all and I am really glad that you have taken it upon yourself to share all these with us. Getting freedom is the key to everything we are doing in this life and the only way to ensure that our path is well set is to trust God’s words and take the required actions. Though there would be periods of turbulence but then, with God we will achieve everything great that he has set out for us to achieve in this world. Thanks so much for sharing this article with us all. I am really delighted by this and with what I have read right here

            • angelce says:

              Thanks for sharing!

            • Shan says:

              I don’t believe entrepreneurship is for everyone; I believe each has their own path. 

              That being said, I know that if we follow God’s teachings and do the best we can while following our given paths, God will provide what is needed for survival. For myself, I knew business ownership could prove difficult in the beginning but each and every time I got into a hard spot, somehow a tiny miracle appeared to get me through. If we trust in God, anything is possible 🙂