My Reading List For July 2017





My dear sisters in Christ, greetings!

I hope you had a good week. As for me, it was quite crazy but by God’s grace I am alive and ready to tell you about my reading list for July 2017!

As we all know, the Bible invite us to look for wisdom, especially your quest leads you to develop Christlike character. My reading list for this month is focused on the role of women, as defined in the Bible. So let’s start with this list!

Book #1: Radical Womanhood: Feminine Faith in a Feminist World, by Carolyn McCulley




I am currently reading this book and I must say that it just confirms what I was thinking about Biblical womanhood. Yes, God has set up a certain framework for women, especially her being submissive to her husband.

But this book also put into perspective the fact that feminist revendications, though they have affected women, are nos so misplaced since the relationship between men and women is plagued with sin. It is only by living by God’s design that relationships between men and women, as well as marriages can be healed and harmonious.

That’s what I have understood form this book so far. I can’t wait to continue reading it! I believe that this is a truly life-changing book if you have questions about your marriage and/or your relationship with men.


Book #2: The Confident Woman – Start Living Boldly and Without Fear, by Joyce Meyer




This book is about encouraging women to know their true worth and to be confident in God. This is something I really want right now – confidence. I think that God sent me the right book for that, as I believe that a Proverbs 31 women in progress should be confident. I can’t wait.

The other reason which attracted me to this book is its cover – filled with beautiful and smiling women of all ages and origins. It reminded me that we all have the same problem with confidence wherever we come from.


Book #3: Re-read some chapters of Fascinating Womanhood, by Helen Andelin



I feel like reviewing some principles of womanhood and femininity that can apply to me as a single woman because a huge part of this book is addressed to issues of married women with their husbands. Therefore, I will focus on the following chapters:

  • inner happiness
  • worthy character
  • domestic goddess
  • feminine appearance
  • feminine manner
  • radiant happiness
  • radiant health

That’s all, now you know my reading list for July 2017! And you, what do you plan to read this month? Please share!

And as always, stay blessed!







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