My Goals For 2020

Write the vision

And make it plain on tablets,

That he may run who reads it.

For the vision is yet for an appointed time;

But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie.

Though it tarries, wait for it;

Because it will surely come,

It will not tarry.

Habakkuk 2:2-3

My dear fellow Proverbs 31 women in progress,

I hope you’re fine and that you are growing in wisdom and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Today, I’ll talk about the goals I’ll have for 2020. As I already explained in a former post, your goals must be put in writing, so that you might be able to review them easily.

As Christian women, we should be women of substance, discipline and vision. Don’t forget to include them in your daily/monthly/annual routine!

Write down your S-M-A-R-T goals

As you know by now if you follow my blog, your goals must be SMART:

S for Specific

M for Measurable

A for Action-Oriented

R for Realistic

T for Time-Bound

You will find more detailed explanations of each characteristics in this post.

My main goals for 2020

I’ll give you the main picture of what I intend to do this year; but I’ll keep a monthly S-M-A-R-T on my Notepad. I’ll also keep you posted of the evolution of my goals mid-year and at the end of the year.

I have identified many areas for my goals:

  • spirituality
  • health
  • relationships
  • Professional life
  • personal development
  • finances

My spiritual life

I encourage you to have spiritual goals because the Lord is the source of everything and He is the One you gives us strength to accomplish everything.

My goals for this area include the faithful accomplishment of daily spiritual disciplines such as prayer, fasting, charity, reading the Word of God, going to Church and meditation.

My health

I consider health as one of the most precious gifts that the Lord gives us while we are on pilgrimage on this earth. Therefore, I decided to leave bad habits behind, especially on eating and exercise habits.

I want to offer my body as a living sacrifice to the Lord and stop considering my body as a trash can. That’s why my goals for this area include drinking more water, eating healthier foods, exercising 6 days a week and stop yo-yo dieting.

My relationships and family life

If you have a great relationship with your family and friends, then your life will be funnier and fuller. That’s why I resolved not to neglect my family and friends anymore and to call them or see them at least once a week.

My professional life

As I’ll begin a new job this year, my main goal will be to keep this job. However, I also intend to start a side hustle to be more independent in the future. I have several ideas for that. I truly want to be a boss like the Proverbs 31 woman.

My personal development

This area involves everything related to my evolution as a human being and as a woman. For this year, I want to learn a new language, to travel in at least two countries and to continue to evolve in my cooking and decoration abilities.

My finances

Last but not least, my goals for my finances involve saving money, investing at least 15% of my revenue every month and to get at least 3 streams of income this year. You can find more explanations on streams of income favored by the Proverbs 31 woman in this post.


Always pray about your goals and execute them faithfully. The Lord will reward you for your faithfulness and your discipline. And don’t forget what our Lord Jesus told us:

He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much; and he who is unjust in what is least is unjust also in much.

Luke 16:10

Well, that’s all for today! What are your goals for 2020? Do you have other areas besides the ones I have listed in this post? Don’t forget to leave your comments below!

And, as usual, stay blessed!

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God bless you all!


  1. Jessie says:

    Thank you for sharing this amazing post! Indeed it is great all the things you can learn and become through reading Scripture. I love how you are not only telling us how to set good goals, but you are also showing us by sharing your personal goals! That makes me feel better knowing that my goals are on the right track and are SMART goals!

    • angelce says:

      thanks for your nice comment!

    • Success Business Online says:

      It is the new year and I love setting SMART goals as well.

      When setting goals, there are always many aspects of life I would love to cover.  There is always one thing I seek at the end of the day .  That is BALANCE!

      Among the many aspects in my life, I always view health and finances as two areas that I valued greatly,

      However, having strong relationship support is also one aspect in an individual’s life that cant be overlooked.

      • angelce says:

        thanks for sharing!

      • Jon says:

        I like when you use the teachings of the bible and apply them to your daily life and use them to make goals for yourself that you can use to improve yourself and your ability to get things done. Which of these aspects or area of goal making is most important and why do you feel so?

        • angelce says:

          Hello Jon thanks for your comment. For me the most important area is the spiritual area because when your Relationship with God is good, then everything is fine.

        • Juan Saladin says:

          It’s a great recommendation to separate your objectives by type and prioritize among them. In my personal experience, praying for my goals achievement seems to be kind of selfish. For that reason I rather offer God what bit’s needed to achieve that goal. For example, you have the goal of loosing 2 pounds this week: instead of asking God the strength to do it, offer Him the sacrifice of quit eating fast food that week.

          Giving is always better than asking for anything bin any circumstances. Remember 2 Kings 4:1-7, the need was there, that little bit of oil she had, needed to present (give) what she had to be able to see the holy grace of God multiply it.

          Thanks for providing us with great tools to get organized and keeping up with our goals.

          • angelce says:

            thanks juan!

          • Sonny says:

            Hello, im glad I stumbled upon your site. I haven’t read an inspiring Christian article in a long time. I think your post applies to men as well. Thank you for the s-m-a-r-t acronym. Im also a believer in journaling. It helps me to remember stuff that i have to accomplish. Thanks for sharing this great article


            • angelce says:

              you’re welcome sonny!

            • Christine says:

              Every week I write down my goals for each day of the week. It keeps me focused and on top of things, and it also keeps the creative juices flowing. My goals are action-oriented, just like you recommend :-). I have not included spiritual goals yet, although I do always find time for spiriruality during the day, but nonetheless it would be good to include them in my written list of goals.

              i take care of my health, I do agree with you, health is the most precious thing for which we should be grateful. I also focus more on my life now and what is important to me, since I had a harrowing experience a few days ago which changed my perspective on some things.

              • angelce says:

                your weekly approach is very interesting… As for me, I’d rather write my goals every month and review them at the end of the month. Thanks for sharing!

              • Shanta Rahman says:

                Many thanks to you for sharing this amazing article with us .What you have taught and turned through the actual Scriptures is really great .And I love working with new goals all the time, and I think about how to set good goals .And it has provided us with a great deal of inspiration to showcase our own goals in your articles .And reading your article, it looks like my goal is on the right track and I hope these goals reach the right destination. Also, I hope my goals are to be successful in my personal life or work life if I follow the right path. I gained a lot of knowledge by reading everything in detail in your article and look forward to more articles like this in the future .In the new year, my goal is to make my work life better by working through the online world.

                • angelce says:

                  thank you shanta! really appreciated!

                • Rhain says:

                  I have been privileged to understand the importance of goal-setting to living a fulfilling life. It gives you a sense of direction and purpose. I think your use S.M.A.R.T approach is creative and can actually make a lot of difference. I believe in order to make a goal effective, the S.M.A.R.T formula must be applied.

                  Like I said, I have benefited from the understanding of goal-setting in the past, but I’ve definitely learnt something here today.

                  Thanks for sharing 

                  • angelce says:

                    thanks for your comment! I am very happy when someone learns Something on my website!

                  • Diana says:


                    It is a beautiful article, well done write it. You covered with your goals, all the essential areas from our lives as a human being.

                    I have done this many years ago. I improved my life at all these levels. It is not an easy work, believe me.

                    First of all, I have learned to be grateful for everything what I have;  I have had, or I do not have.

                    Most of us we do the mistake to take everything for granted.

                    The second was to improve my health totally. After all, the areas improved in a natural flow.

                    I wish you all the best in achieving your goals. You are a beautiful soul, and I know that with your faith in God, you will find your fulfillment in your life.

                    • angelce says:

                      Dear Diana, thank you for your beautiful comment!

                    • Kell says:

                      Having a concise and an achievable goal is something we’re supposed to do this year. It helps to be more focused in our daily lives.

                      One thing I think people fail to do is putting their goals in writing. Some may say, “I have it in my head”. But that’s not enough. We need to put our goals in writing so we can take a look at it every morning when we wake up and at night before we sleep. This helps to build more desire to the accomplishment of our goals.

                      I have laid down written goals already and I try to get them followed this year. I have goals like exercising regularly, eating healthy foods, setting aside one-hour-a-day to achieve your dreams.

                      This is a nice article.

                      • angelce says:

                        thanks for your comment! and good luck for achieving your goals!

                      • Daniella says:

                        Hi Angelce,

                        Excellent article, I really loved the reading!

                        When it comes to setting a goal, I get confused, which makes me lose confidence.  I am going to set my goals as you did in this article. 

                        My goals for this year are: 

                        Health: Do one hour yoga every single day. Become a vegetarian and eat lots of healthy food.

                        Relationships: Make a nice dinner on the weekend for my family and have lunch once a week outside with my children

                        Wealth: Work on my online businesses every day. Write three articles per week, make one video per week, and share my post on social media.

                        I think that’s it for 2020:)

                        Thank you for this great article!

                        • angelce says:

                          Hello Daniella your goals are awesome. I  wish you the best in fulfilling them !

                        • jpaliskis says:

                          Hello, nice post with a lot of goals!

                          I have the biggest goal for myself: more exercise and control my weight. I started  14 hours of intermittent fasting, and it is working for me! How about you? What are your plans on how and what kind of exercise to do: running or weight lifting, stretching or yoga? 

                          I hope you will meet your goals for 2020. Have fun and good luck!

                          • angelce says:

                            My goals for exercise are daily walks HIIT and Pilates. I intend to walk everyday and have the other exercises 3 times a week. I also intend to couple it with healthy eating habits.  And now you know everything about my health goals !

                          • MrBiizy says:

                            Hello Angelce. Goals are very important; without goals, we will wander endlessly without directions. So it is very nice to see you share your goals for 2020. Goals when written on papers or any surface can easily remind us of our set targets at a given point in time – that’s why I love Habakkuk 2:2. I can see you have great goals and I believe you can reach these goals if you are diligent enough. Waiting to see your updates by the middle of this year. I wish you the best.