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Hello my fellow Proverbs 31 women in progress!

It’s been a while since my last post but I must admit that I was totally enticed by a new book which was on my must-read list for 2016 (yes, I do have such a list). This book is called True beauty and I am going to review it today.

Let’s begin!

Title: True beauty

Authors: Carolyn Mahaney & Nicole Whitacre

Topic: Christian womanhood

Where to buy: Amazon

My rating: 4.5/5


The book was written in 2014 by Carolyn Mahaney and her daughter Nicole Whitacre to review the standards of beauty according to God’s Word. This book also allows Christian women to follow God’s beauty views in a world which is obsessed by looks and physical beauty – according the world’s vision and what is shown to us by Hollywood, the magazines for women, or the fashion industry.

Chapter 1 is about True Beauty and Our culture. It deals with the struggles women face in our culture which is obsessed with a particular type of beauty defined by the world: if you have always thought that you have to lose weight or fit into a mold, this chapter is for you!

Chapter 2 is about True beauty and Our God. It reminds the reader about God’s views and standards of beauty.

Chapter 3 is about True beauty and our hearts. It deals with the way we should take care of our hearts because true beauty starts within you.

Chapter 4 is about True beauty and our bodies. It will kill the opinion about the world’s view on how our bodies should look like. Are you depressed because you’re not skinny like the girls in the magazines? This chapter will cheer you up!

Chapter 5 is about True beauty and our clothes. You will have a Journey on the requirements of God’s Word on the way you dress as a Christian woman. Yes, God is also interested in the way you present yourselves to the world!

Chapter 6 is about True beauty and our trust. This chapter is about having a quiet spirit and trusting God whatever the circumstances.

Chapter 7 is about True beauty and our works. As the title says, it shows that true beauty is also found in your works because they reveal your Christ-like character.

There is also a study guide to review all the chapters at the end of the book. You also have an appendix which gives you tips to train your children to appreciate true beauty principles.

What I liked in the book

I enjoyed the fact that it reviewed beauty from a godly point of view. This book is incredibly empowering and will boost your confidence because you realize that God does not condone all the glamorous, flashy vision of beauty offered by the world. I also share the vision that for God, beauty comes from the inside and radiates outside.

When you read this book, you’ll remember that you are God’s daughter and that God wants you to be beautiful in his very special way. As you follow God’s principles on beauty shown in this book, I’ll promise you’ll start God’s beauty regimen right away!

My recommendation

I recommend this book to every Christian woman, whether they are single, married, young, experienced…everyone! It’s high time we remind our sisters, our daughters and our friends that true beauty is skin-deep!

You can find the book here if you are interested!

Did you read the book? Please share your point of view!


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  1. peterson says:

    The website is informative and inspiring. The theme is just amazing and rhymes with the topic of beauty. i must get a copy of this book for my fiance. The most inspiring part of it is the fact that for God, beauty comes from the inside and radiates outside. How much does the book cost in Amazon?

    • angelce says:

      Hello Peterson,

      Thank you for your comment. The book costs $14.31 (Hardcover) or $11.81 (Kindle edition). You can order it on “My Faves” page on my website here:

      I guarantee you that this book will be a wonderful gift for your fiancee! Don’t hesitate to come back and give me some of her feedback!

      Be blessed!

    • jazzy323 says:

      Wow what a fantastically organised website. I love the theme as it seems very personal to your brand and the way that you have layed out your review is very user friendly and personal. You write very very well and the fact that your a Christian will also attract to those who are religious and spiritual as well

      • angelce says:

        Thank you for your feedback.

        Don’t hesitate to visit again!

      • Charlotte says:

        I really like the idea behind this book. I this age of the plastic celebrity its a breath of fresh air to know there are books we can rely on to truly lift our spirits. Deep down we all know true beauty is within us all, sometimes we just need confirmation of this which this book seems to do. I think its well worth a read, something I shall be doing soon!