My Book review : The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace

My dear sisters in Christ, greetings!
Today, I’ll make the review of a book which really inspired me as a Christian woman and a Proverbs 31 woman in progress. I’m talking about the wonderful masterpiece written by Martha Peace entitled “The Excellent Wife”.
Let’s start!
Book: The Excellent Wife
the excellent wife cover
Author: Martha Peace
Topic: Christian womanhood, Christian marriage
Where to buy: Amazon
My overall rating: 5/5


Martha Peace is an American Christian counselor who prepares people to marriage in her church, according to Biblical principles. This book was first published in 1995 (with several re-editions,
the last one was in 2005) to help women to understand their Biblical roles as wives and how they could be more efficient in this role.
The book is divided into four parts:
  1. A wife’s understanding: the author reviews the Biblical concepts of God’s authority, sin, relationships, marriage and the wife’s role according to the Bible.
  2. A wife’s responsibility: Martha Peace deeply analyzes the role of women in marriage from a Christian perspective. She reminds the different roles of the wife – loving Jesus; loving, respecting and being submissive to her husband; taking care of her home; being united to her husband through the gift of intimacy.
  3. A wife’s submission: the author gives practical advice on how a wife should effectively communicate with her husband and how to resolve conflicts in her marriage.
  4. A wife’s special concerns: the author presents practical tools that can be used by a wife to overcome impatience, anxiety, loneliness and sorrow.

What I liked in the book

I liked the Proverbs 31 perspective on the definition of an excellent wife – after all, this is the topic of my blog!
I enjoyed the practical and Scripture-based advice given by the author on different situations: for example, how to deal with your husband’s sin, or how to biblically reprimand your husband.
As you read her advice, you can feel that she’s a woman of experience who saw a lot of issues of many Christian marriages during her Biblical counseling Ministry!
The book really shattered many of my former beliefs, but in a good sense – me submissive, really??? According to God’s Word, yes, you are to be submissive to God and your husband. But I really learned the meaning of submission in the Bible and I am content now.
I especially recommend you to read the passage on idols: no, they’re not only false gods and statues! You might even be surprised and look into your own life conceptions…
But I won’t spilling more beans, you’ll have to read the book to discover what I mean 😉

My verdict

I have given the maximal rating to this book because it’s one my main inspirations on my blog, as I have mentioned in my page called “References”.
I can tell you that I gained wisdom as a potential Christian wife through this book. I hope this will be the case for you too.
Moreover, when you read this book, you can tell that Martha Peace is a true Titus 2 woman (older women teaching younger women on how to be good wives) and that she is really filled with the Holy Spirit!
I would definitely recommend the book to:
– Any woman who wants to get prepared to be an excellent wife according to the Scripture
– Newly-married wives who might need guidance on their roles
– Wives who want to seek how to fix their marriages
– Women who want to improve their communication skills
If you are interested in this book, you can find more information here.
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What do you think about this book? Please share your point of view!
Stay blessed!
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  1. jazzy323 says:

    What a great book review which is detailed, clear and interesting to read! I must admit I have never read the excellent wife by martha peace, but your review makes me want to read more about the synopsis. I feel like marriage is becoming more of a thing which isnt being taken seriously these days, so this book is a great thing.

    • angelce says:


    • Amberlee says:

      I am intrigued by your review, in the respects of how the book teaches us how to be a submissive wife. For some reason the “idea” of being a submissive wife infuriates me as I believe a woman should never be this way, but, I do want to understand what you mean by learning what submission means through the eyes of the Bible. So could you please explain what you meant by knowing how to be a submissive wife?

      • angelce says:

        I would say that through the eyes of the Bible, love is the fundamental law that rules the believers, not power. We should remember that Jesus said that being a leader is about serving others, not being tyrants (Matthew 20: 25-28). So for me, being submissive means that you surrender to your husband in love, who should take care of you as his own flesh. There is no power issues here, but only love. Hope I was clear.

      • Carrie says:

        Wonderful review. How can we have the book?