Managing Your Time

Hello my dear fellow Proverbs 31 in Progress!

As I saw all the things the Proverbs 31 woman accomplishes, one of the first thing I thought was: “she must be an expert in time management to do all these things”!

time management

Indeed, in a previous post, I shared that having self-discipline is one the key of success in all the areas of our lives.

Managing time is critical in our quest to emulate the Proverbs 31 woman. Indeed, time is the only thing we can’t redeem.

Today I’ll share with you an easy way to manage your time – well, I hope it’s easy, you’ll tell me!

It is taken from Napoleon Hill’s Keys to Success: The 17 Principles of Personal Achievement. In this book, Napoleon Hill says that we can divide a 24-hour day into 3 parts:

  • 8 hours for sleep
  • 8 hours for work (if you’re a housewife, you should consider that home management is your job)
  • 8 hours for spare time

Then, you can allocate the 8 hours for spare time in the following way:

  • Prayer/meditation (1 hour)
  • Service to the community, your family, your spouse without expecting any reward (2 hours)
  • Study and read for self-improvement (1 hour)
  • Contact your friends or people who can help you to advance your projects (1 hour)

Napoleon Hill also says that this schedule should be followed 6 days a week.

A day in the week should be set aside for mental and physical relaxation, and for the pursuit of your religious and philosophical activities – just as God set aside and blessed the seventh day to rest after the Creation (Genesis 2:3)!

Of course, this schedule must be flexible and you can adapt it to your own lifestyle.

I must honestly say that it really helped me in my search of self-discipline when I decided to incorporate this schedule in my life – less stress, for example, is one of the rewards I noticed in my life.

And you, how do you manage your time? Please share your point of view!

Stay blessed!


  1. Ukori Peace says:

    Very useful food for thought. I’ll endeavour to apply it.

    • angelce says:


    • Gertrude says:

      OK I will give it a try

      • angelce says:


      • Mike says:

        Time Management is such an important topic for so many people, including me. I know I struggle with it. It’s so easy to have a plan for the day and then to suddenly find yourself completely snowed under. You’ve provided a lot of good tips and I particularly like the emphasis you place on getting enough sleep. That’s so important!

        • angelce says:

          Yes indeed, getting enough sleep is very important. Thanks for your comment!

        • Deedee Anderson says:

          Thanks very much for sharing this daily break-down of how to spend my time. I really do struggle with keeping balance between those three major parts of the day, and I almost never am able to take a day each week to relax and reenergize. Do you have any tips to share on what helps you stick to the schedule? I sometimes think of setting a timer on my activities and moving on when the timer goes off, but worry that would keep me constantly on edge and not enjoying life!

          • angelce says:


            The timer is a good idea. I will do a post about sharing some tips to manage your Schedule so stay tuned!

          • Barry says:

            What I see in the management of time here is balance.

            Time is a very important commodity and is passing even as I write. There are only so many hours in the day.

            How we use those hours determines what we will or will not accomplish which makes how we handle our time very important.

            To set aside a day of the week is a good idea no matter your spiritual beliefs. a day of rest for the mind and body is a good thing.

            My time is my own at this point in my life so i have plenty of it to do what I want to do.

            No matter what people believe about the Bible there are some good point in it for a good life. Don’t you think so?

            • angelce says:

              I indeed believe that the Bible is a source of wisdom and that it doesn’t hurt to follow its principles. Thanks for your comment!

            • Linda says:

              What a blessings~
              This is the first time I bump into your site. A topic every woman should acquire. I also have a spirituality site and your content is similar to mine. However, your emphasis is extraordinary. Managing time is crucial. We should all have discipline. There is no disciple without having discipline. Discipline is the key to managing time. Great article!

              • angelce says:

                Thank you so much! I am pleased to meet someone who also has a Christian website – please give me its name so that I can browse it. Have a nice day!

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