Love Math…

My dear fellow Proverbs 31 women in progress, greetings!

Today I wanted to share with you a message that my sister sent me and which really made me laugh at the beginning. But afterwards, it also made think about relationships between men and women in a marriage.

Enjoy and don’t hesitate to comment!

Love Math


Smart man+smart woman=love story, eternal love, married until death does them part

Smart man+foolish woman=common law marriage, adultery, jealousy and possession

Foolish man+smart woman=lasting marriage

Foolish man+foolish woman= a lot of unplanned pregnancies and births

Success & failure


Behind a successful man, there is always a woman.

Behind an unsuccessful man, there are at least two women.

General equations & statistics


A woman thinks about her future until she finds the perfect match.

A man starts thinking about his future only when he finds the perfect match.

A successful man is the one who manages to earn more money than what his wife can afford to spend.

A successful woman is the one who manages to find the kind of man described above.



To be happy with a man, a woman must understand him a lot and love him just a little.

To be happy with a woman, a man must love her a lot and never try to understand her.



Married men have a higher life expectancy than single men. However married men are those who desire to die the most.



A woman marries a man, hoping that he’ll change one of these days – but he never changes.

A man marries a woman, hoping she’ll never change – but she always changes.

Technical discussion


A woman will always have the last word in a conversation.

Everything a man adds afterwards is the beginning of another conversation.

So, what do you think about my love math? Please share your point of view!

Stay blessed!

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  1. Gary says:

    I enjoyed reading your love math equations.

    I was the smart man married to a foolish woman. It was ten years of hell, and yes, she checked every box in your equation and one you didn’t list, addiction. And to top it off, she thought she was the smart one and I was the fool!

    I learned the hard way that some people bring the best out in us and, unfortunately, some bring out the worse.

    • angelce says:

      thank you for sharing your experience ! I totally agree that you marry the good person othrrwise you won’t grow to be a better person

    • princess says:

      wow that has taught me alot. thanks

      • angelce says:

        You’re welcome !

      • Rose Uko says:

        Real food for thought. Thank you. Nobody marry a foolish husband/ wife. It all depends on how u see d situation at hand n handle it wisely. Call a weed ugly, it becomes grass but if u call it beautiful, it becomes flower. So d choice is your.

        • angelce says:

          You’re right!