My Book review – Lies Young Women Believe

Good evening my dear sisters in Christ!

As you might have noticed, I am an avid reader and I appreciate good books; especially when they talk about Christian women issues. Today, I will review a book that I appreciated entitled Lies Young Women Believe And The Truth That Sets Them Free.

Let’s begin!


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Book: Lies Young Women Believe And The Truth That Sets Them Freelies young women believe

Authors: Nancy Leigh DeMoss/Dannah Gresh

Topic: Christian womanhood

Where to buy: Amazon

My overall rating: 4.5/5



This book was published in 2009 to assist young women who are deeply attacked by the world ‘s standards and to give them tools to follow God’s standards and not to dwell on lies.

The book isdivided into three parts:

  • The definition of lies: this part is about the origin of lies and take the example of Eve in the Garden of Eden to show us Satan’s strategy to trap mankind and how he taps into our weaknessess to make us surrender to his power.
  • The examination of several lies that Young women dwell into because of the influence of the current society: the authors examine several lies which target young women today, such as lies about spiritual matters (lies about God, lies about Satan, lies about faith, lies about sin); lies bout relationships (lies on boys, lies on other relationships – family and friends); lies about media and the future
  • How to overcome lies: the authors give tools and tips that young women can use everyday to overcome lies –  how to stop listening to lies, how to replace lies by truth through appropriate affirmations and Bible verses.


Example of lies replaced by truth:

My choices today don’t really matter (lie) ===> My choices today will affect my future (truth)

I feel ugly and fat (lie) ===> God created me a masterpiece (truth)

What I liked in the book

  • I liked the scholar approach of the book, because young women are taught to answer Satan’s lies by a Biblical truth. This is the tactic that Jesus when he faced Satan in the desert!
  • I also enjoyed real-life stories and the testimonies of the authors concerning the topics they address. You feel good because you realize that no one is perfect and that they also had their share of bad experiences in their teenage years. You’ll feel less alone
  • The book is well-written and agreeable to read

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What I disliked in the book

Nothing! I just wished I had read it earlier in my life!

My verdict

I would definitely recommend the book to:

  • teenage girls out there, so that they will feel comfortable in their skins and stop feeling unappreicated because of the diktats of our society
  • parents who want to find proper “selling points” when they face specific issues with their daughters
  • to every woman who wants to grow spiritually, young or experienced!
If you want to follow the authors’ work after reading the book, they have a dedicated website:

Did you read this book? Please share your point of view!

Stay blessed!




  1. Debra says:

    Loved your post about Lies young women believe. Women are so drawn into what is projected on the TV and in magazines and on billboards. It’s horrible that society is like that!

    This sounds like a book that should maybe be a required reading in the schools. Maybe we could find one just as good for the boys as well. LOL

    A very nice post, I will surely share it

  2. Jack says:

    hey there

    Thanks for sharing this content with us I have found some great tips I can take away with me.

    Is the “>book specifically for women or can men read it as well ? or is there a mens version simalr or by the same author ?

    thanks again I will share this post with a couple of my friends as they would also be interested as well.


    • angelce says:

      Yes men can also read the book for their children but I don’t know if there is a version for me

    • Sarah says:

      It’s interesting how they mention Eve and the lies Satan told her. Even though she could not truly ‘see’ through his lies yet, she made the wise decision to eat the fruit. When young women can’t see through all the lies of tis world, they can still look inward to what they’re taught and know for themselves the truthfulness of life matters. Sadly, many parents do not teach this to their daughters. So “>this book is fabulous for those in need.

    • Ananomyx says:

      This book seems like an awesome book. It is so true that women and men today buy into what the media feeds them and it hurts a lot of women emotionally and spiritually. Especially when the standards the enemy tries to set are impossibilities and extreme. I will definitely be telling others about this book. Thanks for sharing it!

    • Diana Evensen says:

      Hi Elodee.
      I clicked on the “links” to go to Amazon and/or learn more about the book, but they just opened a blank browser page. I really do want to buy this book, but I’d like you to get the credit for that purchase. Would you please look into your Amazon affiliate link for this book?

      • angelce says:

        Hi Diana,

        Thanks for your interest in this book! If the link doesn’t work, you can find it on “My Faves” page here:
        Try at this link. I will fix the link in my post very soon!

        • Diana Evensen says: