Is homemaking boring?



Hello dears !

When you hear the word “homemaking”, you might have vintage images on your mind about a woman who cooks good meals…

Or she sews clothes for her family with love…

But if you are like me before my conversion and my spiritual journey, homemaking is the utmost boring activity for any woman on earth.

Well, this article will show that it’s utterly false. And as women, we shouldn’t be afraid to embrace our homemaking duties.

Fun facts about homemaking

Did you know that the word “economics” comes from Greek words which means “home management”? (Sometimes, when I read things about home economics I laugh because homemakers are basically the original economists!)

Anyway, let’s move on…

Before I became a Christian Woman, I believed that homemaking was the most boring and annoying thing in life to be done. As far as I was concerned, I had to flee these chores as soon as I could.

Even if I learnt how to cook, to clean and all, that was it for me. I was a real tomboy and many people thought I couldn’t do anything with my hands, though I learnt how to do all those things.

Everything changed as I became a Christian. I started to read the Bible more often and my perspective changed.

I read Proverbs 31 of course, and I realized that homemaking was a sacred occupation.

Therefore, I decided that I would do everything with God’s help to become a better homemaker.

Since then, everytime I fulfill my homemaking duties, I do them with a cheerful heart and I feel a sense of accomplishment when I’m done.

Multiples talents are required to be a homemaker


Don’t you believe me? Here are some of these talents below:

  • sense of organization
  • time management
  • appreciation of beauty
  • development of artistry
  • money management
  • knowledge of nutrition
  • child care

And these are only the skills I could think of… Here are some advantages of homemaking for a woman:

  • homemaking increases your sense of responsibilities,
  • homemkaing helps you to fight laziness,
  •  homemaking is an indicator of your spiritual maturity,
  • homemaking helps you to develop your nurturing side and to awaken your feminine nature

Nowadays, I don’t find homemaking boring anymore. From a Biblical perspective, I do believe that homemaking should be one of the most important priorities for a woman.

The future of our children and society depends on our skills as homemakers. I know that I am old-fashioned when I say that, but it’s true!

But… I work outside my home! Can I still aspire to be a homemaker?

working woman homemaker

Actaully, the answer is… Yes!!! If you work outside your home like me , don’t feel guilty. I am not saying that women should be uneducated morons who know nothing.

I am just saying that we should review our priorities. If you are still single or if you have some constraints which force you to work , then go ahead!

Besides, being a homemaker doesn’t mean you can’t work from home! But this will be the topic of subsequent articles.

I really encourage you to reconsider your priorities and to pray God to become the women He wants us to be. Pray God so that he will help us to restore us and to fully embrace our roles as homemakers.

Let’s claim our role as the original economists!

Stay blessed !

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God bless you all!

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  1. David Snodgrass says:

    loved this post and I know why it is because of the way it was written you really have passion and it shows in how you write

    • admin says:

      thank you so much!

    • Ana says:

      This is an interesting topic. Nowadays, people are so fast paced and want to do so many things that taking care of the home does sound boring. I personally have a bit a of an OCD thing going on, I like my home organised and clean at all time – no messiness with me. Sometimes, I too relax, I’m not that fanatic, but I do find that taking care of my house (specially cleaning) is relaxing to me. I have time to think, listen to a bit of music and the end result is just wonderful. I love creating a nice, calm and inviting environment for my family.

    • Deborah says:

      I loved this post! It’s funny that before I became a homemaker for my husband and our son, I thought it was such an easy thing and that working outside of the home was much more difficult. Since staying home though, I found that working outside the house is usually more of a walk in the park because you have such clear cut expectations and typically a defined list of what you need to do every day and the tasks you need to carry out. Staying at home means that you have to create that for yourself and to have the personal accountability to maintain that level of productivity! It’s truly an important job, and it does so much for the people you share your home with. It’s a testament to God how you handle that job and I try to better myself in it. Thanks for the lovely post, I enjoyed reading it!

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