Fascinating womanhood – A review of a classic book on traditional femininity

Hello God’s princesses and queens! Today I am going to review a book that I read some time ago, when I started to look for guidance on how to be a Christian and feminine woman. I will give you my feelings and my recommendations about this book that I really enjoyed reading.

Book: Fascinating Womanhood

Author: Helen B. Andelin

Topic: Femininity, Christian womanhood, self-help

Price: EUR 5.24 (Kindle edition), otherwise between EUR 6.44-EUR 9.24

Where to buy: Amazon

My overall rating: 4/5


fascinating womanhood


Fascinating Womanhood is a book written by Helen Andelin (1920-2009) in 1963 (with many updated editions) as a way to prepare women to marriage and/or to help women to save their marriages when they were on the verge of a divorce.

This book was also the beginning of the Fascinating Womanhood movement which was created in reaction to the feminist movement teachings; thus supporting a more traditional point of view on femininity.

Many Fascinating Womanhood courses were created, as a result of this movement, which still exists today, despite the death of Helen Andelin.

The main ambition of Fascinating Womanhood is basically to teach women how to awaken their husbands’ tenderness and how to make their marriage an everlasting love affair.

Fascinating Womanhood explains what is the ideal woman from a man’s point of view: a woman having angelic and human qualities.

Angelic qualities of the ideal woman are:

  • understanding of men
  • being a domestic goddess
  • having a worthy character
  • having inner happiness

Human qualities of the ideal woman are:

  • femininity
  • happiness
  • health
  • being childlike


What I liked about Fascinating Womanhood

  • Fascinating Womanhood gives practical advice, which can be readily used in your daily life
  • This book addresses a lot of topics related to women:love, homemaking, relationship with your husband, health, diet, beauty, sex, self-help matters. It is definitely one of the most complete books on womanhood
  • There are a lot of testimonies of women who said that their marriages were saved by applying the principles given in Fascinating Womanhood
  • Women will get an insight of men’s expectations concerning the ideal wife, which is really interesting because sometimes the communication between men and women can be really difficult
  • The author takes examples of woman in history and litterature; and makes case studies from those women – I found this approach amazing as I really enjoy history and litterature!

What I disliked about Fascinating Womanhood

I disliked a few things, despite the high quality of the book. For example, the author says that women should leave money matters to their husbands, as a result of their dependence on them.

However, I do believe here that women should get a financial education and learn how to manage money. What if your husband gives you an allowance and that you foolishly spend it overnight? Moreover, I think that this advice contradicts Proverbs 31, which shows a homemaker, but also an astute businesswoman and money manager!

My blog will rather be on a mindset where you will feel empowered by being a homemaker, but also an accomplished woman in any projects you might have.

I found some other advice ridiculous: women are discouraged to wear grey clothes! Really??? However, to be fair, I would say that the book was written in the beginning of the 1960s and that Mrs. Andelin had the preconceptions of a 1950s housewife.

My verdict

I would definitely recommend this book; just to get the proper mindset about how to be a feminine woman; even if you don’t agree with everything.

This book is a classic to have for every woman which dreams of a wonderful marriage and an elegant feminine lifestyle.

It was primarily written for married/engaged women. However, I would recommend it to single women also; so that they can apply things which will prepare them for marriage when the time is come.

I would say that it’s definitely a book you should have in your personal library!

How about you? Did you read Fascinating Womanhood?

Please share your point of view! Stay blessed!


  1. shannon says:

    Excellent review. Wish I had known about this book sooner, maybe It could have helped me.

    • angelce says:

      hey Shannon, you can still read it it’s not too late!

    • Ana says:

      I have never heard, seen or read Fascinating Womanwood. I would probably never pick this book up to read it because by the title it sound very old fashion with women in a submissive position, which I don’t agree with. However, after your review I feel curious about and even went to look for it on Amazon. This book puts it up too women to fix a broken marriage, but what advise does it have for marriages where there is domestic violence, I don’t think we can turn to the man and say “I’m glad you are the kind of man you are, ….” as the author asks to say in the first assignment of the book. Is his violent behaviour her fault? Is she not understanding enough, too confrontational? This is what I’d like to find out by reading the book.