Facing Financial Difficulties



My dear fellow Proverbs 31 women in progress,

I hope you had a good week filled with the Holy Spirit. As for me, it was rather good but I had a kind of revelation; as though I was urged to publish a post about how to survive through financial difficulties.

Financial difficulties can come for various reasons. Maybe your husband was fired from his job, or you did not manage money properly. In any case, don’t be harsh on your husband or yourself.

Indeed, this is something that many people can encounter at least once in their lifetimes (including me!) – unless you are super rich! When you hear the news everyday, many specialists say that a huge Financial crisis (bigger than the one we still living) is coming; but nobody knows the starting point of this crisis.

It is said that the Proverbs 31 woman laughs of the future because of her wisdom. However, if your household encounters Financial difficulties for any reason, here are the steps to follow:

  • cut the expenses
  • forget luxuries
  • stay confident


Step #1: Cut the expenses


Here is the test for your stamina. Learn to adapt to your new financial situation. Review your monthly expenses (with your husband if you’re married) and don’t hesitate to reduce costs when it’s possible. It can be hard at the beginning but you’ll make it. And please, please, never borrow money to finance your lifestyle just because you want to keep your preceden lifestyle. You’ll end in a more difficult place, believe me. I’ve seen many people in this situation and I can tell you that being in debt is a state of slavery.

This step can also be the moment when you can learn the lessons life brings to you and learn from them. It is hard especially at that period of time where you are distressed, but I also believe that periods of Financial difficulties are an opportunity to grow and start new habits.

Be patient and learn to live frugally. And this brings us to our second step…


Step #2: Forget luxuries



Hmmm… You’ll have to learn to make a distinction between what you need and what you want. Do you really need to get these new satin sheets? Do you really need to but these new shoes? Or this new cell phone which is advertised all over the city? I know that advertising agencies are very clever to turn superfluous goods into must-haves. However, resist the temptations and don’t try to keep up with the Joneses.

Many luxuries are a way for us to make people admire us. Though I am the first one to appreciate beautiful things, I am against people who would starve themselves rather than missing the last Chanel bag. I find it insane and ridiculous. Start living frugally and forget luxuries for a moment.

And when you let luxuries go, why don’t you start a brand new savings plan with you newly found money?!


Step #3: Stay confident


Remember that there are seasons in life. You are just facing a temporary setback. Continue to trust God. If you are a homemaker, encourage your husband and lift him up. Continue to smile. He’ll be more encouraged by your smile and your strength and your faith in him and will make anything to take you out of this situation.

If you’re a single woman, continue to look for opportunities to either find a new job, develop new skills or even start your own business like the Proverbs 31 woman!

Do you agree with these steps? Please share your point of view!


Stay blessed!


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By Helen Andelin



  1. Cynthia Kportorgbi says:

    Thanks for sharing this. From my childhood I was thought to always live within my means and live a simple life. It has helped me a lot in managing my finances even till date. Most people focus on their wants instead of their need. People spending soo much on expensive clothes just to fit in, only to resort to soo much debt.
    In all our dealings, let’s think about others as well as our future family.
    I pray every woman learn from this post.

    • angelce says:

      Amen thank you for your testimony!

    • Rosa says:

      Hi Helen,

      Your post is so informative by giving helpful tips in facing financial hardships. I agree that to keep from falling into debt is to resist the temptation of fashionable clothes, shoes or whatever the ads throw in front of you all the time. I don’t like borrowing money because you in up going into a bigger debt. I prefer to live a simple life and stay within our means. It is so much easier and less stressful.

      Thank you for these tips.

      • angelce says:

        You’re welcome Rosa! Thanks for sharing!

      • Simon says:

        You are so right about not borrowing money to keep up your lifestyle dream, this is the problem most people seem to stroll down, thinking one day we’ll get the loan paid off but what they don’t realise is the hefty interest rate applied to most borrowing schemes, most are inflated beyond belief and if you miss a payment additional fees are subject creating a larger black hole than you’re already in. Cut the card up is my view and live to your means.

        I do agree with your 3 steps, especially your last one regarding keeping smiling as your confidence will grow. Life isn’t all about money as most believe, health and wellbeing comes first on the list, it’s something you understand as you become older, hopefully wiser,

        • angelce says:

          Hello Simon,

          thank you for your input!

        • NK says:

          Well stated points and I totally agree, with financial challenges comes a strength one never imagined.
          To add, saving during financial crisis shouldn’t be discounted. One can never tell when an idea might pop and the money saved comes into advantage.
          It is never easy but we are overcomers in Christ Jesus.

          • angelce says:

            You’re right we shall overcome through Christ Jesus !