Clothed with strength and dignity


Strength and honor are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come

Proverbs 31: 25


My dear Proverbs 31 women in progress,

Hope you had a good week and that you enjoyed my last post. Today, I’ll talk about the Proverbs 31 woman in general and the way she is clothed with strength and dignity/honor (in some other translations, I saw self-respect instead of honor or dignity).

The Proverbs 31 woman does not need to be clothed with expensive clothes like wordly women – because of her faith in God, she has the two pillars of her character as her clothing which are strength and dignity.

Let’s examine in details what it means for us today and how we can apply it in our lives.


Her strength



Everytime I read Proverbs 31, I am amazed at that woman’s ability to pursue many interests at the same time. I figured out that her strength can be found in many ways:

  1. She is spiritually strong: the Proverbs 31 woman fears the Lord. God is the source of all her actions and her décisions. She certainly prays everyday in order to ask for God’s will in her life and petition Him for her needs. Spending time with God and His word is essential for her
  2. She is physically strong: the Proverbs 31 woman works with her hands and has strong arms – she is not lazy. She manages her home, her family, and her business ventures. She is the ultimate multitasker. Moreover, she certainly keep her body strong with a healthy lifestyle – if you find it’s difficult, don’t worry: sometimes I wish I stayed in my sweet bed! But this is not what God call us to do as women. He wants us to go out there, to use our talents for His service and to minister to others: our family, our friends, our managers…
  3. She is mentally strong: she has a balanced mind which allows her to make excellent decisions, even during difficult times. She is not someone who is foolish and she can handle difficulties with grace
  4. She is financially strong: she can earn, manage and invest her money through her different business ventures. She does not depend on anyone except God. She creates her own job and does not work for another company to earn a living; she is an entrepreneur. I must admit that it makes me think a lot about my current situation…


Her dignity



When you think of someone dignified or honorable, who comes to your mind? Certainly a queen, a princess or a First lady… And you would be right. The Proverbs 31 woman has the queenly attributes. She an excellent and virtuous character and a pious behaviour which reflects externally because of her poise. She is worthy of respect and her excellent behaviour affects her husband as well. Her dignity reflects on her through her manners and her refinement, and she is a blessing to all her entourage.

Well,  God has given us an excellent role model to follow as women and Queens. Never forget that as Christian women, we are the salt of the earth, a chosen generation and a royal priesthood. It’s high time we behaved as such!

That’s all for today? What do you think of being clothed with strength and dignity? Please feel free to sher your point of view!


Stay blessed!


  1. RN Didi says:

    I love this message, and it speaks volumes to me, as both a woman and a Christian. It’s good to be reminded that we don’t have to “change” to meet our society views of women and how they should think or dress. But rather to get inspired by Proverbs 31 that, as you mentioned, clearly gives us inspiration for all our endeavors, let them be spiritual, mental, familial, financial and physical. I love your website and the message it conveys.

    God bless you!

    • angelce says:

      Thank you RN Didi and God bless you too!

    • Eliane Lima says:

      The woman on Proverbs 31 is – for sure – a great reference to any of us.
      I like to think about her anytime I feel overwhelmed or in doubt if I’m really able to play all my daily roles in life, as a wife, a mother, and a professional.
      It sure can help any woman to focus back on the strength and dignity every Christian should have.

      • angelce says:

        You’re right!

      • Justina Wolfe says:

        Proverbs 31 definitely is a very meaningful chapter. I need to practice her strength and dignity so much more! It’s so easy to slack with the duties God has a woman here to do. Like you mentioned, sometimes I too feel like just staying in bed but I feel so much better when I just get up and start doin my duties with a cheerful and content attitude!
        I think you explained it very well how a woman should be, thank you for sharing!

        • angelce says:

          thanks for your sweet comment!

        • Bibian says:

          I am really blessed, i pray to grow more in strength and dignity. The multitasking aspect is over whelming, God really created women in a special way. I am proud to be a woman

          • angelce says:

            yes you’re right! I am sure your prayers will be answered

          • Jane Onyekwere says:

            All the Bible say about proverb 31 is true because such woman is a role model he does not depend on a man but GOD alone. Here am asking GOD to help to such to my generation.