Changes To Come In the Blog + My Reading List For June 2017



Hello my fellow Proverbs 31 women in progress,

I know it’s been a long time I haven’t posted anything on my blog and believe me, I’m quite ashamed of that. As you all know, I took a new daytime job as a consultant and I must say that it took quite a lot of my time; especially during the last month. I must say that I missed you all! Hopefully, I’m able to write to you today to tell you that I’m back and that I’ll follow my ideal path with this blog (which is writing one post a week).

However, I thought about the direction I wanted to give to my blog. I have decided to add some changes:

  • I won’t list my monthly goals as I use to do since the beginning of the year. Yes, I always want to have a goal-setting global framework for my life; but I felt that my monthly goals were always similar. However, I believe that setting my goals at the beginning of the year and show what I learnt during the year will be ideal as it will show a lookback on what I did quite well and what I still have to improve. So, don’t be surprised if I don’t share my monthly goals with you anymore!
  • I will share a monthly reading list. Like Solomon, Jesus, and James, I believe that we must, as women of God, look for and grow in wisdom. I’ll share with you what I decided to read at the beginning of each month and why it’s so important to me
  • I will write more posts on general faith themes, and not focus solely on Proverbs 31-related themes
  • I will probably write a book inspired by my Worthy Women Series – but this will be perhaps for 2018, if God grants me life and strength

Yes, I have many changes in view for this blog – stay tuned!


My reading list for June 2017



Following God with All Your Heart – Believing and Living God’s Plan for You (already read)

By Elizabeth George

This book has opened my eyes on the way God wants us to live; on the definition of success and why we should follow God no matter what. Great piece.

50 Prosperity Classics: Attract It, Create It, Manage It, Share It – Wisdom from the best books on wealth creation and abundance (already read)

By Tom Butler-Bowdon

This book is a summary of what can be found on 50 best-selling books related to money management and Financial prosperity to date. Very useful for a Proverbs 31 woman in progress who wants to take care of her finances. It will also enable you to have the best advice of those people at hand without buying 50 books, so it’s a bargain! I must however warn you that you must be careful about some recommendations which, in my humble opinion, were quite New Age teachings (e.g. The Secret).

Le Livre Jaune 7 (to be read)

By Robin Ruiter and Fritz Springmeier

This book is about current events – unfortunately I only have the French edition. It shows what is really going on right now. I’ve checked the table of contents and it’s quite interesting: Illuminati, economic crisis, the influence of the movie industry, new religious movements… I think I’ll enjoy reading this book very much!


Well, that’s all for today, my dear sisters!


Stay blessed!




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