4 Surprising Foods (or not that much) for a beautiful skin

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My dear sisters in Christ!

Sorry for my long absence, I know it’s been a while I haven’t posted anything on my blog… However, I was quite sick – there is a virus which wanders in Paris these days and I caught a flu. Now I feel better and I am ready to post something on a new topic!

This being said, I will talk about the benefits of 4 special foods for our skins. As you know, I firmly believe in the fact that beauty comes from a healthy living first. You might know some, but others can be really surprising.

Your radiance comes from inside, and the foods you consume will contribute to it.

Let’s begin with our list…




Surprise!!! Did you think that peanuts had to be excluded from your diet because they are fat? Huge mistake!

Actually, peanuts are good for the skin because they are rich in niacin and insaturated fatty acids. These two elements enable the good maintenance and the renewal of the skin cells.

I would just advise to eat them moderately, either during your breakfast (for example, peanut butter on  bread) or as a snack but in small quantity because their caloric intake is quite high.




Eating a cucumber is the equivalent of drinking a glass of water; therefore their action on the skin is quite similar. Cucumber moisturize the skin from the inside and also cleanse the blood from toxins.

You might not wonder now why cucumber is so popular in detox sessions! Also, thanks to the sulphur it contains, cucumber participates in the good state of skin cells, hair and nails.

You can obtain results by eating them but also by applying them directly on your skin.





Now, this is one of my favorite fruits! Mango is a Vitamin A-rich fruit (well, actually it’s beta carotene; hence its orange color) which contributes to reduce dry skin and to increase the moisture and the firmness of the skin. Mango is also recommended to prevent skin aging.




Beans are rich in niacin and panthetonic acid and are recommended for skin itching, dry skin, and skin allergies. You might consider to incorporate them more in your diet, especially if you are a meat lover.

Of course, you have to consume these foods regularly to see results; they don’t come overnight!

What do you think of my list? Are you surprised by these foods? Please feel free to share!

Stay blessed!


  1. Gina says:

    It’s good to know that I can do 50% of these! I’d like to improve my skin and I like cucumbers with salt, so that’s good. Peanuts are do-able as well. I’m not too fond of beans or mango though. Mango has such a weird texture. Nice to know though!

    • angelce says:

      thanks Gina!

    • Paula says:

      how interesting!
      I do eat alot of fruit including mango and I find I feel so much better after eating it and my skin certainly improves too. However, the beans and the peanuts did surprise me. I would have thought that peanuts were not so good for skin.
      Thanks for this post. I will be revising my shopping list this week.

      • angelce says:

        hello paula thanks for your feedback

      • Marilyn says:

        Hi Paula! When reading your heading I was wondering what foods you would come up with… and… are they already a part of my diet.

        The 4 you mentioned was interesting. Cucumber, Mangoes (oh I love them!) and beans are fine.

        I believe peanuts to be a great healthy food but I tend to stay away from them as they are very susceptible to a mold called aflotoxin… a bit scary don’t you think?

        I think working on your skin from the inside out has to be the best way to go, and at the same time, as your skin improves so does your general health. Now that’s got to be good!

        Thanks Paula for sharing this great information.

        • angelce says:


        • Shane G says:

          Hey there!
          To start off! you have such an amazing website! I found other posts on your website to be both motivational and inspirational! as God has given you his wisdom! I like this article and especially something you mentioned that “radiance comes from inside” which I absolutely believe that what you feed yourself with bot physically and spiritually will manifest itself outside! Well Done my sister! I pray that you have more success! Be Blessed
          Take Care!