Dear sister,

Welcome to the website of Proverbs 31 woman in progress!

What is my purpose as a Christian woman?

How can I get a rich and fulfilled life in Jesus Christ?

These are the questions I ask myself everyday. And studying Proverbs 31 was the answer of my prayers. At the beginning, I found this woman intimidating and impossible to emulate.

However, I finally understood that following the steps of this wonderful woman is not about
being perfect or getting a set of qualities to have to be qualified as a good woman, wife and mother. It’s about growing and maturing in my faith in Christ, knowing that my beliefs shall be reflected in my actions.

The Proverbs 31 woman is a blend of faith, wisdom, industry, substance, elegance, nobility and courage. She inspired me to follow her path and to share my views with my Christian sisters who would be interested in following her life pattern to achieve their goals and their purpose.

Therefore, I conceived this website as a personal and exploratory journey in Proverbs 31 woman principles. This website is designed as a place where women will find the resources to be uplifted and encouraged to follow their purpose.

I am no teacher, I don’t have the ambition to teach the Word of God as I am a simple woman and a sinner. I am just a passionate student of the Bible and a child of God who wants to share His Word through a God-given talent I identified in myself – writing.

I hope your visits will be fruitful for you and that you’ll come back regularly to read me. That would make me very happy.

Thank you for coming to my website and feel at home!

With all my sisterly love,

Proverbs 31 Woman in Progress.